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Oceana Pawn offers Virginia Beach Virginia consumers the best Gun Shops products and services. Our organization specializes in Archery supplies, Gold dealers, Gold Buyer. Oceana Pawn has grown to be Virginia Beach Virginia’s Gun Shops Business leader. Our superb consumer assistance staff looks forward to helping you. For further information get in touch with us at: (757) 448-3706

Oceana’s Virginia Beach Gun Shop

Every day, people come into our Virginia Beach gun shop looking for several different things. There are many reasons why you’d need to visit a Virginia Beach gun shop. Whether you’re an avid hunter, a gun collector, or someone who simply feels safer with your firearm in this ever-hectic world, we’ve got your firearms needs covered at Oceana Pawn Shop.

We carry popular brands at our gun store in Virginia Beach, such as Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Colt, and Kimber.

Virginia Beach Gun Store: The Numbers

If you’re interested in owning a gun and come to our Virginia Beach gun store, you’re far from being left out. Based on data from firearms manufacturers, roughly 300 million guns were owned by United States civilians in 2010, with a population of 307 million people in the States at the same time. As you can see, a lot of people, locally and nationally, go to a Virginia Beach gun store and feel that owning firearms is a necessity.

Virginia Beach Gun Store: The Facts

One poll found that three highly voted reasons for owning a gun were: 1) protection against crime; 2) target shooting; and 3) hunting. Our Virginia Beach gun store cater to each three. We want you to leave Oceana feeling much happier and more fulfilled than when you arrived. You may not know much about guns before you step through the door, but if you give our expert staff a rough idea of what your purposes for owning are, we can direct you to some great options.

Virginia Beach Gun Store : The Expertise

If you’re well versed on guns, you can still take a trip to our Virginia Beach gun store and we can have a detailed conversation with you about what’s available—and perhaps exchange some stories and tips. We’re a friendly staff, and though we get down to business, we operate our transactions with the demeanor of old-time friends.
Take Kurt Derwort, for example. One chat with him at our Virginia Beach gun store, and you’ll be wondering where he was all your life! He’s our expert gunsmith, and he knows what he’s doing. He’s had 22 years in the United States Navy and can help you with any of your questions and needs.